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Documents: generate, download, modify and email training session documents
Documents: generate, download, modify and email training session documents

How to generate documents in a training session (contracts, quotes, etc.) and how to send them by email or download them

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Digiforma allows you to manage and create your training documents in just a few clicks. To do this, you will always have to generate the documents first, and then be able to download them, sign them or send them to the contacts you choose 😉

Here's how 👇

1️⃣ Generate a document within a session in Digiforma

Any time you would like to generate a document within the application, you will always use the following steps:

  • By selecting the button corresponding to the document, Digiforma will first generate (or create) the document itself in a PDF or .DOC format. We must wait for the button to appear green to be able to download, send or sign:

  • Once it's been created, we can choose between downloading the document, sending it directly to its recipient (client, learner or trainer) or creating it again if we have updated data within the session.

    If the chosen document is suitable for electronic signature, we can select this option

    (it will be shown in the drop-down menu).

  • If you have modified any information within the session, you must update the document before downloading it again. The "Update the generated document" option allows you to update the modified information:

2️⃣ Send a quote from Digiforma

Next, let's look at how to send a quote from Digiforma. This procedure is applicable for all documents. Please keep in mind that you will always generate a document before you can perform any further action 😉

From the Learners/ dates tab, open the file of the client to whom you want to send the quote. Then click on "Create quote:"

Unlike other documents, quotes must be numbered before they are generated. To do this, simply select the prefix that you would like to assign to the document, and the software will choose the number automatically:

Once numbered, choose one of the templates you have already created and select the format you would like to generate (PDF or .DOC) 👇

Once you have selected and generated the type of file you would like, select the "send this version by email" option:

Within the sending options we can:

  • Choose recipients

  • Choose an email template

  • Add the email body

The budget will be added as an attachment automatically:

You can also select the "schedule sending" option so that Digiforma sends the email on a selected date ✅

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