How can I manage quotes within Digiforma?

Create, list and send your quotes from the integrated CRM or from a training session

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Digiforma allows you to create your own quotes and number them from within a training session or from the sales funnel opportunities. Once you've generated a quote, you are then able to send them to your current and potential clients without leaving the platform 🚀

1️⃣ Create a quote from within a training session

Before creating a quote from the session, you must have previously added a client or potential client to it.

Go to the Students/ dates tab of your training session and click on "add a private individual prospect" or "add a corporate prospect":

💡 Tip : if you know that the client will approve the quote after receiving it and you want to move the process along more quickly, you can add them directly to the list of confirmed clients, bypassing undecided clients 😉

Once the client is added to the session, select the " Create a quote" option:

2️⃣ Create a quote from a CRM opportunity

If you have an opportunity in the sales funnel of your Digiforma CRM, you can create a quote directly from this area.

Simply 1) select a corporate client or individual from your funnel and

2) click "Create a quote":

Every time you change an entry in your sales tracking space, you must create a new quote to update the version with the added information. This will also allow you to have a history within the sales opportunity area with all the quotes that have been made for each client listed by their creation dates.

3️⃣ Add the quote number in the document templates

Using the corresponding html tags, you can automatically add the quote number to your document templates. To do this, use the tag "quote number" 👇

4️⃣ Send quotes from Digiforma

To send your quotes directly, without leaving Digiforma, select the arrow next to the document to generate it. Below you will have the possibility to download the document or send it:

You have several options: You can personalize the content of the email, send it directly or schedule send on a specific date (if, for example, you want to send it in two days or within a week).

5️⃣ Track quotes from activity reports

On the activity reports page, you can track the quotes, check their number and whether they have been accepted ✅ or rejected 🚫. Check it through the "Sales follow-up" tab:

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