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What is the account owner's email address linked to? Can it be changed?
What is the account owner's email address linked to? Can it be changed?

Discover in this article the link between the email address of the account owner, notifications and sending emails

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The email address of the account owner is the one that allows connection to any access account created (teacher, administrator) within Digiforma. Furthermore, this account is linked to other aspects; Below, we explain which ones. 👇

Receiving notifications

When you choose the option to send notifications to the account owner, they will arrive directly to their inbox. You can configure other accounts to also receive notifications, 👉 find out how in this article.

Responses to Digiforma emails

All emails sent from Digiforma come, by default, from an email address such as If the person who receives it (learner, client, trainer...) responds directly, their response will go directly to the account owner's address.

If you want to change the address from which your documents are sent, you can contact us via chat, indicating that you want to modify it and indicating the address from which you want them to be sent. It is important to keep in mind that it must be an address with its own domain: We will not be able to position an address with a generic domain, such as @gmail, @hotmail, etc.

After contacting us, we will make a simple change to your account and give you some short instructions to activate it. 😉

How to modify the email address of the account owner in Digiforma?

If you want to modify the address of the account owner (that is, the address with which the account was created),

  1. Go to the Account tab > My profile.

  2. Open the Change my login email tab.

  3. Enter a New login email.

  4. Be sure to click Modify to apply the changes.

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