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Learn how Digiforma subscriptions work
Where do I find my referral code and how does it work?
Where do I find my referral code and how does it work?

We tell you how to benefit from a discount code thanks to your Digiforma recommendations

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If you recommend Digiforma to a colleague and they subscribe to a formula with us, you will both benefit! We tell you how in this article 👇

Where do I find my discount code?

The discount code is in the Account tab > Referral programme:

By clicking on "Referral programme", you will be taken to the following page, where you will find your code:

Ok, but how does the referral system work?

When the person you have referred to Digiforma subscribes to the paid version of our software for the first time, they must enter the code on the subscription page. Both parties will benefit from this system:

  • If the person stays with us for at least 3 months, we will refund the amount equivalent to the subscription made by your colleague (that is, if their subscription is worth €99 per month, for example, we will refund this amount). You will receive the amount by bank transfer.

  • The new Digiforma subscriber will benefit from a free month.

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