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Learn how Digiforma subscriptions work
How can I change my Digiforma subscription?
How can I change my Digiforma subscription?

Discover how to upgrade your Digiforma subscription

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It may happen that your number of learners increases or decreases permanently and that your current subscription (annual or monthly) no longer meets your needs.

Digiforma subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the contracted period (monthly or annual), but you can send us a change request at any time. This is the procedure 👇

Step 1: choose the new formula you want to subscribe

To choose your Digiforma subscription, you must first know the approximate number of trainers (3, 20 or more?), administrators (2, 5 or more?) and students (200, 500, 1500 or more?) that you expect have during the next year.

Note: The computer program counts the number of students enrolled throughout a year continuously. ⚠️ A student who attends two different sessions will be counted twice. This fee and the list of benefits included in your subscription are available in the Account > My Subscription tab.

Step 2: Modify your current subscription

Now that you have chosen the subscription you want to switch to, you can send your request to the Digiforma team:

👉 Contact us directly at the support of the Account affected by this subscription change. You will find the contact button at the bottom left of your screen👇

The customer service team will inform you of the corresponding surcharge (if any) and will transmit your request to the Digiforma sales department, which will directly modify the subscription within a maximum period of 7 days 👍

See you in Digiforma!

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