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Learn how Digiforma subscriptions work
How do I cancel my Digiforma subscription?
How do I cancel my Digiforma subscription?

If you want to cancel your Digiforma subscription, see this article

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When you leave Digiforma it is always sad for us, but if you are still determined, rest assured that the procedure to unsubscribe is very simple.

Contact our team using the contact button available within the Digiforma interface, indicating in the message that you want to permanently suspend or cancel your subscription:

  • If you have a monthly subscription without a commitment, the cancellation will be effective from the next scheduled payment date.

  • If you have an annual subscription, the cancellation will be effective from the date on which the subscription year ends.

We recommend that you indicate in the message the reason why you are cancelling (for example, "software not suited to my daily needs") and from when you want it to be effective.

When we receive your message, our team will take care of everything and keep you informed by responding within the conversation. In the same way, you will receive a confirmation email when the cancellation of your contract is effective.

When you unsubscribe, your data is not lost. However, your access to premium features (and some of this data) is blocked. You will still have basic access to your Digiforma account, but if you decide to return to us and subscribe again, you will find all your data available again in your account.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during the process.

See you in Digiforma!

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