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First steps in setting up your Digiforma account: the administrator's checklist
First steps in setting up your Digiforma account: the administrator's checklist

Get started by setting up your account and take the first steps with the resources available

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Hello and welcome to Digiforma!

Have you just created an account and don't know where to start?

Below are the steps we advise you to follow to set up each account and make sure you learn how to use the software:

  1. Complete your organisation profile and invite your collaborators

  2. Perform tests and integrate your databases

  3. Participate in a one-on-one demonstration to learn how to use the features you need

  4. Deepen your knowledge in advanced features

The entire Digiforma team will support you with numerous resources and tools, so let's get started 👇

Complete your training centre's profile and invite your collaborators

  • Choose a generic email address for the account owner: This will be the main address to which replies to emails sent from Digiforma, notifications and forwarded documents will be sent.

  • The logo, contact information, and regulatory and financial information sections will be used to complete your document templates automatically in each training session. Be sure to take the time to enter as much information as possible at this stage, as it will save you a lot of time for your course administration.

  • Activate billing and management features:

💡 ✉️ Team tip for subscribers: you can customize the sending email address of emails sent from Digiforma. Contact us to set it up.

  • My subscription: Find in this tab all the information related to your Digiforma subscription as well as the available invoices.

💡 Team tip for subscribers: If your activity changes, you can modify your Digiforma subscription at any time by contacting our Customer Success team.

  • Access accounts: Invite your collaborators (administrators or teachers) to work in your Digiforma space by creating independent access accounts for them.

  • Configure all their access rights, according to the distribution of tasks in your organisation.

Perform tests and integrate your databases

  • Check out the Digiforma Demo session (available by default on all new accounts) to run tests. This demo session allows you to see how an already configured session works and carry out the necessary tests to understand the software and all its functionalities: You can view the content, modify clients and prices, download documents or access e-learning sequences with the integrated extranet.

  • Import your databases of students, clients and teachers. Contact us if you need help with a massive database transfer:

💡 Team tip: add companies and corporate clients to your database first so you can associate the learners directly afterward.

✅ Participate in our webinars to learn how to use the different functionalities

We offer you software demonstrations for you and your team in which one of our experts will be able to detail the use of Digiforma in a concrete way, being able to answer your questions live. You can request your demo at the following link:

✅ Deepen your knowledge in advanced functionalities

Have you already participated in our webinars and want to manage Digiforma like a true professional? Check out our supplemental resources:

  • Learn how to manage your client registrations

  • Manage your training programmes

  • Use digital assistance in your training sessions

  • Keep track of your eLearning sequences

  • View detailed business reports

  • Explore the use of invoicing and manage your finances

  • Create to-do lists

  • Connect Digiforma to other solutions through our APIs

See you in Digiforma!

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