How can I set up notifications in Digiforma?

What actions can I take to create notifications in Digiforma? Find out how to set them up so you don't miss a thing

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Digiforma may send notifications when one of the following actions occurs within a training session or the Training Portal. You can activate or deactivate them as you see fit:

  • There is a new pre-registration for a training session;

  • A learner, client or trainer has completed and submitted an assessment;

  • A learner has connected to your Training Portal;

  • A document available on the Training Portal has been downloaded;

  • There is a new comment in the forum of an eLearning module.

Configuring these notifications is very simple. From the Account > Notifications tab you can choose, for each of them, whether you want to activate it or not and who should receive the notification:

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