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"All My Sessions" tab: How can I organise my training sessions?
"All My Sessions" tab: How can I organise my training sessions?

Learn how to organise your sessions by columns and according to their current status: projects, planning in progress, planned or completed

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In order to organize your training sessions optimally, we have introduced a drag-and-drop option in the "All my sessions" tab. We explain how it works 👇

There are 4 columns available to indicate the status of a training session. These columns are:

  1. Projects. This where you would put a session when a client has requested a quote from you, but it has not been approved, yet. This is also where you would organise a session that you have offered to a teacher but they have not yet confirmed their presence; In short, any training session has not yet been validated.

  2. Planning in progress. The budget has been signed, but you still do not have the exact dates on which the training will take place. At this stage, agreements or contracts are not yet signed and the programme may not be defined.

  3. Planned. You have a precise date, the contracts and/or agreements are signed, the students are registered for the training. The session is scheduled.

  4. Completed. The training has been carried out and your dossier is closed.

But how do we move a session from one column to another? It's this easy 👇

You can also hide columns to reduce their visibility. Simply click on the little blue arrow next to each one:

How to delete a training session

Has one of your sessions been canceled? To delete one of your sessions, just open it from the "All my sessions" tab and click the trash icon:

We will ask you to confirm its deletion before removing it completely from our servers. Please note: Deleting a session will delete all assessments included with it, as well as any associated learner documents and attendance records.

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