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How can I register several clients for the same training session?
How can I register several clients for the same training session?

Manage your external training sessions quickly and easily by adding several different clients

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External training sessions allow us to add various types of clients and/ or participants to the same session. Ideally, this setup is done when you very first create a training session.

However, it can also be modified later on by "Editing the session" and then changing the toggle from one type of client to another and saving changes here 👇

Having multiple clients or participants in the same training session will allow you to edit the documents (agreements, invoices, etc.) for each learner. You can then add modules and link your clients to them.

💡 To find out how to link your students to the modules, see 👉 this article .

But what happens when students from the same client are enrolled in different modules?

This can happen, for example, in the case of a company that carries out training for 10 employees, with two different dates: For example, maybe you have a first group of 5 learners who will participate in the first week of training, and a second group of another 5 participants, who are available to do it the second week.

To know what to do in these cases, we invite you to read further here 👇

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