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What is the difference between external and internal training?
What is the difference between external and internal training?

We explain in which cases each type of training is used.

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In order to avoid confusion when creating a training session and choosing the "Client Type," we explain here the difference between "inter" and "intra" training.


This refers to training in which several people from different companies will participate, as well as private individuals or job seekers.

External training takes place on the premises of the training centre that provides it, following a previously defined programme.

Advantages 👇

  • It allows you to plan training based on a set schedule.

  • Share experiences and knowledge among several participants from different organisations.


This type of training brings together a group of participants from the same company. Training can, on occasion, take place at the premises of the client in question.

Advantages 👇

  • It is adapted to the needs of each of the participants.

  • The dates are more flexible.

  • Exercises are established that reflect the day-to-day professional reality of the participants.

  • Administrative management is reduced (a single contract for the entire company).

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