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What can I do if some of my client's learners don't follow the same modules?
What can I do if some of my client's learners don't follow the same modules?
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Sometimes even when learners from the same company are enroled in the same training course, they may need to follow different modules that you offer within that training session.

This could happen, for example, because some learners only need the information from one module where as the others need to learn the information in all the modules (a difference of level or experience).

Another reason may simply be the dates or times that the learners are available to attend their training courses.

In order to separate learners into different training groups, you must add the company to which they belong several times to the same training session (as if they were different clients). Let's take a closer look 👇

Create groups of students within the same client

Let's start by creating our modules from the Learners/dates tab:

Then add your corporate client as many times as you wish by clicking on "Add a corporate client:"

In this case, we have added the same company twice to associate it with the two face-to-face modules that will be developed on different dates👇

Once the students have been added to the training group, the final step is to a select the modules in which they will participate. To do this, we select the coloured bars within each student that corresponds to the modules of the session:

In our example, Rebecca Jacobs will participate in all four modules of the French group course and Mark Jones will only take the eLearning extra practice courses because he already speaks French well.

💡 This technique also helps us organize training divided into pedagogical modalities (e-learning, practical, in-person, etc.), in which students will only participate in one (or several).

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