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How do I clone or duplicate a training session and its contents?
How do I clone or duplicate a training session and its contents?

Digiforma allows you to duplicate your sessions as well as some of the contents linked to it

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The clone session feature allows you to duplicate a training session to save time in case you want to create a similar course, but on other dates or with other learners and/or associated trainers.

To clone a session, simply select the copy icon at the top of the Learners and dates page:

What contents will be duplicated along with the session itself?

The cloned session will retain some information from the original session, specifically:

  • On the Learners/ dates page, you will find the same prices, dates and locations. You will not find the learners, clients or notes created in the original session.

  • In the Programme/ Trainers tab, both the programme and trainers associated with it will be preserved.

  • On the Training Portal/ eLearning tab, everything will be preserved; from the page set-up (customised colours and images, associated documents, etc.) to the eLearning sequences themselves.

  • In the Assessments tab, all evaluation templates from the original session will be preserved.

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