How can I create an assessment?

This article will give you an overview of the evaluation and assessment system and answer the most frequently asked questions.

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The different types of assessments in Digiforma

Thanks to Digiforma you will be able to create all the types of evaluations you want:

  • Pre-training evaluations (to assess the level of knowledge and/or motivation of your trainees before the training session starts),

  • Evaluations during the training session, and

  • Post-training evaluations.

In the same way, you will be able to create evaluations for other parties that are involved in the administrative aspect of a session such as managers, trainers and others stakeholders. This helps to carry out quality control and to get feedback from your clients.

You can create all your assessments and evaluations by choosing a training session and going to the Assessments tab as shown below or from the assessment library (Library tab > Assessments).

Here you will find the different assessments that you can create for your learners:

As well as those you can create for the rest of the participants:

Please note: in the Document Templates > Assessments tab you can customize the document templates themselves, including the headers and footers of the document that will contain the digital assessment. This will be very useful for any evaluations that you would like to generate in .pdf or .doc formats.

1. Create an evaluation from the Library

Creating evaluations from this space will allow you to assign it to as many training sessions as you would like immediately afterwards, allowing you to save as much time as possible.

To create a new assessment, simply click “Create a new template:”

Next, add a title to your evaluation and click “Save”:

You can modify each template simply by clicking on its name. If you'd like to modify which template is designated as “default” click on the default area of a template that appears in blue.

This feature is also useful if you want to "duplicate" an evaluation you have already created. To do this, simply select the default template you want to duplicate and create a new one from it.

To modify the evaluation, Digiforma offers different question formats that you can configure as it suits you. Just click on the question you want to edit.

Likewise, you can add more questions that you will find at the bottom of the page.

Digiforma offers single response questions, multiple response questions, free text questions, answers on a grid of options, grading, grading out of 10 and a self-assessment on the objectives of the program/training:

When you're done, click “Save.”

2. Create an assessment from a training session

From the evaluation session you have selected, the “assessments” tab is available in the menu on the left. From it, we can add the evaluations we want:

In the same way that we have seen previously in the Library, we can create an assessment from a pre-existing template. Remember that, unless you select a different one, Digiforma will create it from the "default" template that is selected:

If you created an assessment from a training session and want to save it for later use, you can do so when you're done by clicking “add this form to template library”:

⚠️ Please note: If an evaluation has already received responses, it will not be possible to edit it or add it to the library. Think about saving it before sending it to your learners.

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