Digiforma by A WORLD FOR US: Who are we?

In this article we tell you a bit more about our parent company, A World For US, and what we do at Digiforma.

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Hello and welcome!

A WORLD FOR US was founded by innovation enthusiasts and has been operating in the training sector since 2009. After creating several applications dedicated to training and teaching, Digiforma was created from this experience in 2017: we wanted to design a solution that best met the needs of both established training providers and independent trainers.

We are now the leader in the training sector in France🚀

Our main product: Digiforma. It is currently the only all-in-one software in that market that integrates eLearning functionalities (LMS) with a training administrative management solution (TMS) as well as a CRM to track your sales prospecting, while enabling you to track the quality of your training courses with the aim of achieving and/or maintaining certification by awarding bodies.

We support our clients in the digital transformation of their processes and services, through technology: We improve existing processes or help develop new ones by creating tools that are easy to use. We are actively involved in all aspects of our customers' day-to-day business:

  • Administrative management

  • Invoicing

  • Tracking business performance

  • ELearning

  • Customer relations and marketing

  • Quality assurance and compliance.

The success of our solution, which offers relevant features, is linked to our proximity to our clients and our ability to listen to them on a daily basis. Each new development stems from a user need that is identified and dealt with efficiently by our team.

Our team comprises more than 65 people: developers, Customer Success Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Specialists and Sales Executives, all of whom have a background in, or an interest in, the world of training.

🔍 Learn more:

Our Digiforma website: https://www.digiforma.com

Our online magazine Digiformag: https://www.digiformag.com/en

Our A World For Us website: https://www.aworldforus.com/

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