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Can I customise Digiforma graphically (white label)?
Can I customise Digiforma graphically (white label)?

Here we outline the graphic items that you can customise in Digiforma

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📒 Account customisation

You can add your logo so that it will appear at the top left of the app interface. To do this, go to the Account tab > My brand > Upload a logo :

🖍️ Customise the Training Portal of your training sessions

The Extranet is a "white label" space, except for the URL. You can add the name of your training centre instead of the code proposed by default from the Account > Training Portal tab:

Please note that this address can only be changed once. If you want to change it again, contact our team via chat.

You can also customise the header or top band of the Training Portal website for your training sessions. Check 👉 this article to learn more.

📑 Modify your document templates

You can add default header, footer, and typography to your document templates. Check the dedicated section in our FAQ to find out how.

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